Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of The Noble Alliance?

To help you live up to your unrealized potential in all areas of life or what we call the 5 F’s Faith, Finances, Fitness, Family, Fulfillment 

Faith, so is this religious or bible-based life mentoring?

No, Noble Alliance is not a religious organization or biblical mentoring.  The three founders are deep rooted in their Christian faith and may share examples of how their faith has helped them overcome major obstacles in their lives however the faith component may, for you, mean faith in yourself, faith in others, or faith in your potential.

Why did you guys start this?

We started this to help you level up your life so you can experience success in your 5 F’s.  We saw a huge need for holistic mentorships and found that when we only grew in one area in our own lives it led to disaster or demise in other areas.  We want others to learn from our mistakes and experience the growth and joy that we have received from growing holistically together. 

We all also run other businesses and ministries that prevent us from sharing our life experiences, wisdom, and advice within them as they are specific to a certain one F that audiences tune in for.  Creating a platform for people to experience everything we have to offer simply made sense as a win/win.

We wanted to provide extremely affordable mentoring as there is an extreme need for it. The holistic mentorship that we are providing is not being offered anywhere else and is a fraction of the cost as single entity mentoring such as  business coaching, fitness training, marital mentoring, etc.  

You all run other businesses, do not need additional income, and state that this is to help people first and foremost; why are you charging for this and not giving it away for free?

There is a major commitment on our time, energy and focus that goes into making The Noble Alliance happen.  We hope to be compensated for this as we are in our other businesses.  What makes us unique is with our Noble Guarantee* we must FIRST help you for us to be compensated.  Your success with us hinges on you taking these mentoring sessions seriously, showing up focused, and ready to grow.  You having skin in the game insures this

What does a mentoring call look like?

Members will log in and be trained on a life skill.  Clear action steps will be given on how members can apply this skill immediately to their own life.  After the training members will have the opportunity to ask questions.

When and how long are mentoring calls?

Mentoring calls are done live on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm EST and last 1 hour.

What if one or more of the mentoring sessions is not relevant to me?

All mentoring sessions will apply holistically to the 5 F’s.  For example, the topic of fitness may help you dive into areas of your marriage, finances, or even real-estate.