Who We Are

The Alliance was founded with one goal in mind. To help others reach their unrealized potential in this life. Michael, Danny and Jesse share a strong passion to help others and give back based on their own life experiences that has helped all of them create and manage very successful organizations. We want to teach people that success is so much more than just making more money. With 40 years of combined experience and proven success the alliance aims to level up your life in every category with actionable key take aways!

Michael Clark

Michael Clark is the Co-Founder & CEO of BAM WX founded in 2012 and also hosts the Michael Clark Experience Podcast that has been in the top 100 podcasts for entrepreneurs a few times over the last year.

After years and years of trial-and-error Michael and his team have built a successful multi-million-dollar organization from essentially nothing. With no loans, no investors and no debt Michael and his team have made their way into some of the most reputable and largest companies in the US. Teams from the NFL, MLB, NCAA and more are among some of his clients today.

Since the start of BAM Weather, the business has seen at minimum 40% growth each and every year since 2012.

As Co-Founder & CEO Michael is the primary communicator for the organization and leads both his team of meteorologists and sales staff. Michael’s primary functions within the company are creating systems and a culture that is successful and improves each and every year.

Michael enjoys a nice cigar and a neat glass of bourbon with his friends, staying physically fit and playing basketball. Dating his wife Christie is among his top favorite things to do along with hanging out with his 3 kids Delanie, Sutton and Lucas and their 2 dogs Phoebe and Ruger.

Danny Anderson

Danny Anderson has served as Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Church since 2006.

After years of growth and seeing more and more people have their lives transformed by Jesus, Emmanuel became a multi-site church in 2013—one church with multiple locations. Currently, Emmanuel has 5 physical locations and an online campus.

According to Outreach Magazine, Emmanuel was the 68th largest church in America (2017), and in 2021, it was listed as the 64th largest and 4th fastest growing church in America.

As Lead Pastor, Danny is the primary communicator for Emmanuel’s weekend messages. He also serves as the leader of Emmanuel’s Executive Team and sits on the Elder Board. Danny is on the Board of Advisors of Vapor Ministries, and he is the creator and co-host of The Breakthrough Podcast with Danny Anderson. 

Danny has been coaching lead pastors across America on executive leadership and performance for six years and has also done personal life coaching for two years.

An avid reader, Danny also enjoys shooting hoops and spending time with this wife Jackie, their three children (Andrew, Beau, & Ruby), and dogs, Buddy and Toby.

Jesse Dale

Jesse started his entrepreneurial journey in the fitness industry 25 years ago after taking up lifting as a kid to deal with bullies.  He immersed himself in nutrition certifications and winning bodybuilding shows to create a name in the fitness industry.  He used his passion for health and fitness to serve the community through opening 4 gyms in Indianapolis and promoting drug free bodybuilding shows. 

Jesse’s ambition for money and significance lead to his divorce of a 12 year marriage that left him broke in mind, money and soul.  At rock bottom Jesse walked away from his profitable gyms to start the next chapter of his life!  He went ALL IN on his faith, personal development, therapy, and his new marriage with his wife Erika and started climbing his second mountain in life. 

A mountain that serves others 

Learning from his mistakes Jesse launched a business development program that certified and equips fitness minded people to use their passion for fitness and helping others to launch their on online coaching business. 

Jesse is a community partner with IU School of medicine, NASM, AFAA & ISSA  and has helped over 100 coaches launch their business from nothing to 5 and 6 figure enterprises  

Jesse also enjoys real estate investing, staying in shape, leading his small group, and is an avid bourbon collector.

Jesse now gets the greatest fulfillment helping growth driven people take their “F’s” (Faith-Finances-Friendships-Fun-Fitness-Fullfillment)the benefits of second mountain living which is abundant in purpose, passion & meaning

Jesse’s mission in life is to help people never have to say the two phrases “I can’t afford” or “I do not have time to”